v17 -  Videotext size mismatch
Hi Folks,

i use Kodi 17 Krypton and have a problem with the videotext or teletext size.
A Picture says more then thousand words:

The teletext should be bigger. I checked allready the option for 16/9 teletext and it only changed
the size of the black part.

The Kodi Log is here: http://pastebin.com/FuECjxZi

So i use Win7 SP1 64 Bit on a AMD CPU/GPU.
The source for the teletext is NextPVR.

The log file is fresh, I started Kodi, activated a tv-chanel, activated the teletext,
Screenshot taken, stopped the teletext. stopped the tv-chanel and finally closed Kodi.

I can remember that the teletext worked flawless in Kodi 16 on this machine.

Anybody a idee what i could try to make the videotext/teletext to be the correct size?

A sidenote: On my mac with Kodi17 with the same Windows machine as a source for the nextpvr the teletext works
with the correct size *g*
A little more information on the System the problem happens:
So about what a config are we talking?
- Win7 64bit SP1
- AMD A10 Series A10-6700T CPU&GPU
- NextPVR
- Kodi 17.0 with NextPVR Addon
- a Digital Devices Cine S2 DVB-S/S2 Twin Tuner
Hi folks,
ok i get it, this seems to be rare to say it politly and nobody had the same problem.
I tried updating the graphic drivers to newest AMD drivers, but no change.

I will try next with a portable version of Kodi 16 and search if it has to do something with
the Krypton.
Hi @theplayer02 here I have the same problem, no clue how to solve it so far
As i thought, under Kodi 16.1 Jarvis the Videotext size is correct on the same machine.

So no real new insights.
So next will be a new test with Kodi 17 run as portable.
But i don't expect a real change.
I will post the Debug log from the fresh install to minimize the debug log entries.
imgur problem solved *g*
Hello theplayer02,
I have no knowledge in Linux. I used Kodi 16.1 since Jan. 2017. It works very well.
But Videotext is not working very good there.
Therfore I installed Kodi 17 in Feb. and I had the same problem with the videotext.
In this fact I moved back to Kodi 16.1
It seems you have solved the problem with the videotext.

But I could not follow with your sentence
imgur problem solved *g* "

Please could you give me a little help

Thanks #8126
Hi #8126, (nice Name),

Maybe my posting was not 100% clear on the topic.

First i posted a picture with the not working videotext from Kodi 17.
I stated later that i will try it with Kodi 16 on the same machine to see if it is a machine or Kodi 17 releated problem.
The second picture in post 5 is from a Kodi 16 on the same windows machine.
It was to show that it is not a problem with the windows machine itself but my Kodi 17 installation.

Regarding the "imgur problem solved *g*":
Sorry, i had to edit post 5 a few times to get the picture to show up. And the picture is hosted by imgur.
Nothing with the solving of the videotext problem. This problem still exist.
Hello theplayer02,

thanks for your fast Feedback.
For me it is the question who could solve or help with this point.

By the way within Kodi 17 it is also not possible to connect to my Blu-Ray Player but with Kodi 16.1 it runs.
I use Windows 10 on my older MultimediaPC with includet BluRay-Player.

In this case I have still to stay with Kodi 16.1
So, i tried Kodi 17.1 RC1 as a portable install today on my problematic machine and: No luck, problem still exists.


Teletext size does not match the screen size.

Also i add a debug log: Debug Log Kodi 17.1 RC1 Videotext/Teletext size mismatch

Any one a idea?

As you can see on my previous post #5 the videotext size is working correctly on the same machine with Kodi 16.0.
Have the same problem. Also on Windows 7, Mediaportal as backend.
What do you use as a graphic card? I use a AMD A10-6700T which is a CPU with integrated GPU.
It is sad that we are till now only 3 people with this problem.
Also sad that no one had this problem and knows a solution.
So we wait.
Intel HD 4400
So also a integrated graphic card? It belongs to a Intel Core I3?

In my opinion it is not the graphic card responsible for the failure in Krypton (Kodi 17).
It could be that that the Krypton does not work properly with Windows till now.

I use not an on board graphic Card, I use:

ATI Radeon HD4650 with Windows 10

Unfortunately I have still to stay with Kodi 16.1
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