Viewing pictures in Kodi w/Titan skin
Good afternoon. I am an extreme noob to Kodi and am having an issue and not sure if it is Titan related or just my own lack of experience with Kodi. When I go into view my pictures, I go through all the albums and get to the photos themselves which show as thumbnails (posters, etc). When I click on a photo, it changes the background but the thumbnails don't disappear! The grid of thumbnails stays up and I cannot view the photos full screen. What am I missing here or is it a Titan issue? Thank you so much in advance for what I believe will be a super easy, duh moment, answer.

PS, forgot to mention I am running the newest version of Krypton (Kodi 17 I believe?)
So this appears to be an actual Titan issue. When I revert back to the standard Estuary skin, I can view the photos fine. When I navigate all the way to the specific photos, when I click the thumbnail the menu and thumbnails disappear and all that is showing is the photo in all of it's full-screen glory. But with Titan, when I click the same thumbnails the menus and thumbnails do not disappear. Does ANYONE have any idea what might be causing this? Simply a skin mis-match? Other than that issue I am loving the Kodi interface so far!
Same issue here Sad
Is anybody manage to resolve this ?
Switch to the beta version of the skin or wait a few days untill the new stable version hits the repo.
Okay. Is it more than likely because the skin simply hadn't been updated for Krypton yet?
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Viewing pictures in Kodi w/Titan skin00