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List info doesnt kept set

I realize that in any filmes or series add-on I can set a view as "list info". But everytime I left the page where I set this option, the page comes back to "list" only. I always lose my selection. I cnat see any way to set this. Is this a skin problem?

thank you,

Saving the view type for a library/addon path is done in Kodi. I would say it's not a skin related issue.
(2017-02-14, 16:06)smvo Wrote: any filmes or series add-on

I think the addon-part is where your problem is. and from the way your question is phrased I suspect you might be using banned addons. If you are indeed using one or more of the aforementioned addons you won't get support in this forum, since the addons violate the forum rules (wiki). If you are not using one of the aforementioned addons, I apologize and ask you kindly to provide more info like which addon, which skin, which version of Kodi etc.

From the list it seems Im not using banned add-ons, but Im not sure. Im new in kodi and I may missing something.

The add-ons Im trying are popcorns time and They are not from the default repository, but they dont seem to be banned also.

Can I test this behavior in any other add-on or any other kodi functionality that we know it should works?

Also, Im using openelec which comes with Jarvis.

Is it possible to get a list of all add-ons automatically so I can post to you if necessary?

thank you

well, Popcorn Time for one is on the banned addon list. Generally speaking you can check if an addon is (most likely) banned by asking the following question: Does the addon provide services (tv shows, movies, live tv) that you normally would have to pay for (e.g. paid tv channels).

I suggest you ask the question on the developer's forum, since any further discussion here is against the forum rules.
ok, I understand. thank you.


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