v17 Audio desync while playback randomly
Hey Guys,

I recently own the Scishion V88plus with RK3229 and VP9/H.265 Decoder (2Gb RAM) and of course, uninstalled the Chiptrip MC for Kodi 17.
I also installed the YouTube Addon also with DisneyChannel, Netzkino, SouthPark, ... from the official repository and I have a problem every day.

Problem is, that every playback start with a second of silence, then the volume goes up (like fade-in/fade-out) and just randomly, everything goes down.
SouthPark most issue is that after playing the next part of a full episode, it starts from somewhere and couple seconds later, kodi realized that it wasn't the beginning of the part and plays the part again . So far every good but graphic glitches appears until it happens and of course, sometimes the audio is fine, sometime not.

Okay, maybe some issues with SouthPark, let's watch YouTube => meeehhh, audio desync... randomly... the video suddenly slows down but the audio continues perfectly and never get synced back. Sometimes it don't happen, sometimes it happens after 1h, sometimes immediately, only live streams weren't affected from it (no sh1t :o)

Okay, maybe I have some network issues but yeah, I see a long grey bar which is probably the buffer and I don't think that there is something wrong with it.
IF my network connection were the problem then I would be able to resync audi and video with just seeking forward/backward but it doesn't work.
I also can't just pause and play, this also don't works. I found out that if I activate/deactivate "Stereo Upmix" or "Passthrough" then somehow, Kodi reloads the stream and of course, everything is fine but I can't do this move every time...

I also facing this problem with RKMC and Kodi 16.1. Kodi 16.1 was more stable then Kodi 17, maybe something is still in development.
Fact is, that I am using Kodi ARMv7 and I need help somehow.

I would appreciate it, if someone knows my problem and can give me a solution, I have serious problem to google for that problem and most people have this issue from the beginning and not randomly while playback so yeah...
Additional Information: Playback via HDD and SD Card will also lost the audio sync.
In 90% it happens after pausing the video, so I can provoke it.

Playback with MX-Player works perfectly fine so there is an issue with Kodi!
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