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how to listen internet radio
Hi everybody,

I put some internet Radio Url on my raspi 3. I can listem them when my raspi is connected on a tv a controled by keyboard. But now way how to access them via Kodi Remote on my ipad.

Any Idea what I did wrong?

Many thanks Smile

To be more specific:

I installed OSMC on Raspi 3
I use an USBC Stick to listen music, watch movies
I added all the medias as entries in library
I also added STRM files to the library
When I use keyboard and hdmi on my tv, I see and can liste my radios

The problem is with Kodi Remote on my Ipad: I can listen my music, but the radios cannot be found.

you could try to set into the device setting under kodi remote the option "Show all files in filemode" under the App Settings section and see if these internet radio appear under the Music > Files. Otherwise these entries should be visible under the playlist section I suppose.

many thanks for you help. I'll try it soon and let you know if it works :-)

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