Anyone using MediaPortal with Krypton?
Well, I have some results ... finally. Unfortunately, I just fell into a "solution" and I can't explain why ... not really.

For reasons that I can't begin to explain, the "Failed to start tvservice" appears to be a result of the fact that I had disabled the Ethernet device on my main PC (... not the media PC with Kodi). The media PC is hardwired to the same ATT router as my main PC. They should operate independently ... and the disabling was done for a different reason and project. (If anyone can explain this, I'd like to know.)

@jpkey: Amidst my attempts, I did at one point stop and restart the service, just as you indicated. But I can't confirm that I didn't also do some other sequence. I do believe the stop/start cycle is needed whenever there's any change to the server configuration. I would suppose that action causes it to reread database records.

In summary, I guess I'm on my way with Kodi ... albeit with only a couple of channels at this time (I kept trimming the list to help simplify). I feel lucky to have gotten this to work ... and I feel sorry for anyone who has to trek into this quagmire. If I understood even half of what I've experienced, I would write a one-page Quick Start Guide ... with a diagram ... and with a lot fewer words than what I've been faced with.

My observation is that Kodi is "almost great". It only needs to be simpler to set up ... probably with some kind of "readouts" to confirm that each needed component is present and operating. As is, it's not entirely clear which components are needed ... what their settings should be ... and whether they're producing output ... even though there's a ton of detail, going back many versions. Anyway, that's my conclusion after 72 hours.

Thanks for the responses.

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Anyone using MediaPortal with Krypton?0
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