Hi newbie here hoping taht someone can shed some light for me on PVR Simple Client and Stalker.
I glimsed through some posts and forums but I was wondering is there a difference between these 2 PVR's ?
Is one more stable than the other and do they work identically ?
Example if you were to use it for IPTV, is onme better than the other ?
I fiddled around with both but unfortunately PVR Stalker said authenfication failed and PVR Simple Client would not load anything ?
Can someone please let me know how to install and which one to use please.

Thank you
The use of one or the other depends on your IPTV provider. You would understand better if you research IPTV providers who usually have howto documents or videos for setting up their service. Take your time and check out the reliability of providers. Start with a trial or a one month subscription. I would never pay six months or a year in advance. I'm being vague here because service providers exist in a quasi-legal environment and it is not appropriate to discuss specifics here.

In general IPTV simple client works for providers where the channel list and epg are simple URL's that include username and password credentials in the URL. Stalker usually works along with IPTV Simple client, but has a different authentication mechanism that is usually based on a MAC address in combination with username and password credentials.
Keep your fingers away from Stalker!
That's the biggest crap you can get into.

Look for a provider which gives you an m3u file, which you can use how you want.

Stalker based systems are closed and you are tied in with limited features.
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