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i have a Sony Vaio WMC remote that has a "Live TV" button. when i press this button it takes me to channel listing. i want it to actually go to Live TV channel. either the last channel that was playing or a preset channel. i have MCE Remote addon installed (Add-on:MCERemote (wiki))
Kodi has option to automatically go to last channel when started, so i'm assuming this could be possible? kind of a noob to this so any help is appreciated. i couldn't figure out the command to put in MCE Remote Under the Live TV button, currently its default is ctrl-shift-t
I don't know if this reply will help you much, because I do not use a WMC remote or the MCE Remote addon.

I do use Flirc with a few different remotes...with it is using the same keystrokes or combos. I have tried the same thing without success.

I suspect the issue is that KODI is a lot more varied than WMC, and because of that, it uses the same keyboard keys or combos for different functions, depending on what you are currently using KODI to do, at the moment you press a button on the remote (which represents keystrokes or keyboard combinations).

So, if you are listening to Music, the button press triggers a potentially different function than if you are watching a Video, from your stored collection. It may be the same function, a different function or no function at all...again, depending on what KODI is doing at the time of the button press.

In the TV side of KODI, it is the same. If I am watching something and pull up the menu or channel list (while the current channel is still playing in the background), the button presses don't function exactly as they do if I don't have something playing in the background.

Anyway, I don't know that there is a single keystroke or combination to get you to live TV from anywhere KODI...if there is, I haven't found it either.
i figured it out..turns out its easy as pie.
there is already a built in command since Kodi v13 (Gotham) to go to Live TV (goes to the last channel you were watching). probably can also make it go to a specific channel but last channel is good for me.

command is: PlayPvrTV

there are more here: Keymaps (wiki)

to use, i edited keyboard.xml which maps everything to the remote... so for example, default button for Live TV was ctrl-shift-t

so i edited that line:
<t mod="ctrl,shift">ActivateWindow(TVChannels)</t>


<t mod="ctrl,shift">PlayPvrTV</t>

Cool...I will have to give that a go.

That works like a charm.

Thanks for the find. I had given up.
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