[Android] KORE breaks after input text prompt
Hi everybody,
First of all I must say that Kore is a great app, thank you for that.
After recent update to Kore 2.2.0, when browsing addons (youtube, soundcloud for example), Kore breaks when the prompt for input text should happen. Situation - I want to search for new content, kodi request me for text input, but Kore doesnt. Loses connection to media center and I have to restart an app in order to cancel the event - cannot complete the send text request though.
My config: OSMC, Kodi Krypton.
Any ideas? Tried Yatse, things described above does not occur there.
Try going into the media center settings in Kore (tap the media center in the left panel), edit it and disable the "Use TCP" option.

Where exactly does that happen to you?
I was able to reproduce this when trying to do a search from within Kore using the youtube plugin. Haven't had time to look into it in detail but JSON-RPC seems to be unresponsive. EventServer is still active, so the remote can still be used to cancel the search request on Kodi. When the search is cancelled on Kodi, Kore is able to connect again.

1. In Kore, open the Addon->Youtube plugin
2. Select "Search" from the Youtube Content tab in Kore
3. Select "New Search"
4. Result: Kore loses connection, only EventServer still seems to be active
Hi syncd, thanks for reply,
The "use TCP" does not affect this behavior.

It happens when browsing any item on Kore where a text input is supposed to happen. Like searching video on youtube addon - after pressing a new search in Kore, Kore does not initialize the input text dialog, nothing happens within Kore. In Kodi however a dialog box for text input pops-up. Cannot send a text in there anyway since the Kore loosing connection at this moment and I must restart the app.

If you need anything more specific I am happy to provide it.
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