v17 No CD Cover shown
Hi there,

since the upgrade to Kodi 17 I don't get any CD Cover of my Music library shown. Due to some trouble with the existing configuration I started with a completely fresh config after the ugprade to Kodi 17.

Installed are the Addons:
The configuration of CdArt Manager:
    <setting id="backup_during_update" value="false" />
    <setting id="backup_path" value="/home/sm/Daten/Cover/Backup/" />
    <setting id="change_period_atend" value="true" />
    <setting id="check_mbid" value="false" />
    <setting id="enable_all_artists" value="true" />
    <setting id="enable_fanart_limit" value="false" />
    <setting id="enable_hdlogos" value="true" />
    <setting id="enable_missing" value="true" />
    <setting id="enable_replace_illegal" value="true" />
    <setting id="enablecustom" value="false" />
    <setting id="enableresize" value="false" />
    <setting id="fanart_limit" value="10" />
    <setting id="folder" value="0" />
    <setting id="illegal_characters" value=':*&lt;&gt;/\|?&quot;' />
    <setting id="local" value="0" />
    <setting id="localcdart" value="0" />
    <setting id="mb_delay" value="9" />
    <setting id="mbid_match_number" value="10" />
    <setting id="missing_path" value="" />
    <setting id="music_path" value="/home/sm/Daten/Cover/" />
    <setting id="musicbrainz_server" value="http://musicbrainz.org" />
    <setting id="notify_in_background" value="false" />
    <setting id="recognized" value="0" />
    <setting id="remote" value="0" />
    <setting id="remotelocal" value="0" />
    <setting id="replace_character" value="_" />
    <setting id="resizeondownload" value="false" />
    <setting id="unmatched" value="0" />
    <setting id="unrecognized" value="0" />
    <setting id="update_musicbrainz" value="true" />
    <setting id="use_musicbrainz" value="true" />

For testing I created one folder with only one Album as music source. The Album is tagged correctly, But no cover is shown. What did I miss to configure?

And I discovered another problem. My music folder belongs to a different user. So Kodi doesn't have rights to write into this folder. But instead of saving the covers to the specified folder /home/sm/Daten/Cover it tries to save something into the folder $Artist/$Albumname/.extrafanart. How can I prevent this?

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