Skin MOD - Arctic: Zephyr Plus (updated 18-03-2017)

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luogo Offline
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Post: #196
I have installed your skin and have one question regadring additional info on movie screen. In my case not all infos are shown.
Is an addon missing? My movies are imported with local information, not with a scraper. Is that perhaps the reason?

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quantum.hero Offline
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Post: #197
Hi KODser

Installed the latest version 3/19/17, was really excited to see support for animated posters. Does it work with just library movies or with streams as well? The TITAN skin does this very well, as reference. I'm not sure if you pull from the same animated poster database or not. Anything I can do to test out on my end to get it working? TIA

Thanks as well to the person that pointed out the fix for the playlists not working in other arctic zephyr versions.
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VonMagnum Offline
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Post: #198
Overall, it's a very nice skin. I've tried several and I keep going back to Confluence (modified for CinemaVision to hide busy dialogues when it's used), but this one has me considering it as an alternative as I like the random movie backgrounds and easy customization options. However, I've still had a few issues and suggestions.

I cannot get fan artwork overlays to work (background just stays white) with weather or animated weather icons (don't show up at all when selected). Selecting "default widget" when customizing will start a "downloading directory" bit that locks up Kodi here. Spotlight is a nice default fallback widget, but I see no direct way to select it as a widget for a single entry (e.g. I want a default backdrop for fallback but I'd like Spotlight for the "Videos" entry. The only workaround I could think of was to set Videos to show Random Movies from playlists instead.) I had to modify dialog.busy.xml with one added line to add CinemaVision support for hiding the busy dialog entry only when using CinemaVision. DTS soundtracks show "DCA" instead of "DTS" in the movie views. I don't know what DCA is (was that some other short form of DTS somehow? I can't find any such reference) or if that was just a typo somewhere.

I think it would be cool if there was a "Wall View" (and Wall View 2) option similar to the Zeitgeist Confluence Mod so it can fill up the screen with a lot more cover art boxes. A "dark/night" mode for the overall theme (as opposed to the 'white' motif) would be a cool alternative as well. It'd also be nice if the overlay pop-up menu while a movie is playing showed the audio soundtrack that's selected like Confluence has always shown.
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Turnspit Offline
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Post: #199
The animated artworks are awesome!

Is it normal that it takes EXTREMELY long for animated posters (disabled fanarts) to be loaded? After hours of Kodi being up and running, I still get new animated posters being loaded (around 400 movies). On top of that it's very laggy when scrolling through the movie list - is that because of the animated posters in general, or because they are still being downloaded?
Running an i5-3570k @ 4,5 GHz, so performance shouldn't be an issue.
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attackkkkkk Offline
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Post: #200
Would it be possible to add multiple widget rows, specifically for the vertical layout similar to the titan skin?
For aesthetic purposes, I'd prefer not having to create home menus for every widget.

For example, under the movie home menu, to have multiple movie widget rows (genres, trending, new movies etc.).

Vertical mode with 2 widgets per menu item would make me switch.
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mattyspurs76 Offline
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Post: #201
Can't install this at all.

Install by installing from zip....nothing. doesn't even show up.
ExtractEd the zip into addons folder...again.nothing shows up when changing ski

Kodi 17.3 android
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