Javascript scrapers?
(2017-02-07, 17:45)ronie Wrote: i'm currently working on python based scrapers for artists and albums.
Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, as I know that Kodi have already had an integrated Python interpreter for many years now.

But can I ask if there is any plans for Kodi to also get native support for scrapers written in JavaScript?

I see that Razze made a "Kodi addon generator" which enables you to use Node.js would could allow to use JavaScript in addons.

It would however be more convenient if Kodi had an integrated (embedded) JavaScript engine for scrapers, plugins, and addons.

Example; V8 (JavaScript engine) from Chromium Project, though it might be overkill? Or Cesanta "V7" embedded JavaScript engine

Cesanta "V7" embedded JavaScript engine for C/C++, which claims to be the worlds smallest JavaScript engine written in C

V8 integration might be better if Kodi still have plans to also integrating CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) web server?
a generator for an xml file written in javascript makes you think you can write add-ons in javascriptHuh

if i were in charge you would have banned your ass for thread hijacking a long time ago.
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