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Hi everyone!

For the past month or two I've been active in the old Eminence thread, trying to revive this beautiful skin. I thought it was about time to make a fresh thread outlining all the changes and new stuff, so that the skin can really come alive.

The purpose of this mod is to continue enhancing and polishing Eminence, without making the skin too slow or too different from the actual experience. The new features and modifications are already too numerous to mention, you can find a detailed change-log and some galleries below.

New view-types, better overall mouse support, new features like the QuickNav bar, dark and light backgrounds, expanded resource usage, expanded existing views are just some of the most noticeable differences. There's a lot more subtle stuff that you notice only when you look carefully.

I'd also like to thank the translators, Kelexel for the French, reforo for the Spanish strings, and scofield272 for the Hebrew. I also need to mention ZERO <ibis> for his ideas and implementation of some pretty neat viewtpes in the skin. Thank you all very much, together we're making a better skin!

The gallery you see below is by no means complete, so to get the full impression, you really need to experience the skin itself.

watch gallery

1. Added a Media Info view variant.
2. Added a Widget View.
3. Added a List view variant.
4. Another fanart fix.
5. Added a hide plot option.
1. Fanart fix.
1. Dependancy fix.

1. Two new viewtypes! (Credits go to ZERO <ibis>!)
2. Small bugfixes and improvements.
3. More Hebrew updates.

1. Hebrew translation update and bugfix.

1. Next Aired fixes.
2. Another PVR attempt.

1. Updated translations.
2. Potential PVR fix.

1. Small fix for thumbs.

1. Showcase tweak.
2. RSS Editor dialogue.
3. Flags tweak.
4. Artwork Beef tweak.
5. Widget background setting.

1. Huge viewtype overhaul.
2. Showcase fix.
3. RSS font size enlargement.
4. Ported Settings screen.
5. Ported Showcase Widget.
6. Tweaks to the info screen.
7. Small OSD fix.
8. Small Hub fix.
9. Script duration updates.

1. Fixed widget type bug.
2. Fix for viewtype lock.

1. Further viewtype fixes.
2. Music artwork overhaul.
3. Add-on Info dialogue tweaks.
4. Light theme info fix.
5. Light theme busy dialogue tweak.
6. Set Icon fix.
7. Added manfeed's Videolyrics Plus.
8. Showcase tweaks.
9. Tweaked playlist background options.
10. Added Low List view.
11. Rotation label bugfix.
12. Support for Artwork Beef add-on.
13. Skin Backup workaround.
14. French translation overhaul (by Kelexel)
15. Light theme dark interface tweaks.
16. Info and flags redundancy fixes.
17. Caching OSD fix.

1. Busy Dialog tweak.
2. Tweaked viewtypes conditions.
3. Fixed add-on loading artefacts.
4. Small log error fixes (syntax).
5. Home menu header is now hideable.
6. Fixed logo and flags bugs.
7. Video Info ratings tweak.
8. Video Info darken effect.
9. QuickNav tweak.
10. Subtitle Sync tweak.
11. Added Hebrew translation (scofield272)!

1. Context menu support for Library Editor Script.
2. Context menu support for SimplePlaylists.
3. PVR OSD fixes.
4. Darkened the dim option.
5. Random Backgrounds fix.
6. Scrollbar fixes.
7. Another attempt at RSS animation fix.
8. OSD Logo fix.
9. Poster Border fix.

1. RSS animation tweaks.
2. RightList artist thumbs fix.
3. LiveTV OSD fix.
4. Flag fallbacks fixes.
5. Added plot outline option.
6. Alternate RightList for music tweak.
7. RightList for video content.

1. Added a duration setting for home widgets.
2. Hub widget fixes.

1. RightList tweaks.
2. Flags tweaks.
3. Spanish translation added!

1. RightList fixes.
2. Skin settings reorganisation.
3. Fixes for the French translation.
4. Significant Hub widget improvements.

1. Updated a required add-on listing.
2. Added a preliminary RightList view.
3. Decreased the Home gradient.
4. Fixes for the French translation.
5. Disabled Black and Sollid colour themes (for now).

1. Added a vertical/horizontal context menu switch.
2. Widget handling improved.
3. RSS bar for Text Only home.

1. More music views.
2. Updated French strings (Thanks to Kelexel!)
3. Scrollbar fixes.
4. Skin performance fixes.
5. User rating fix.
6. Fullscreen setting added.

1. Improved extrathumbs handling.
2. Improved the new context menu.
3. Improved rating icons.
4. Improved userratings.
5. Added an info menu in the PVR OSD.
6. Added screenshots for the addon.xml.
7. Default highlight is back to blue.
8. Dependencies version bump.
9. Updated manfeed's lyrics to V2.
10. Show/Hide CD case option.
11. Artist logo improvements.
12. Music OSD bugfix.
13. Adjusted the skin background colour effects.

1. Added a new context menu (testing!).
2. Added a rotating backgrounds timer.
3. Added extrathumbs support.
4. Addon settings button fixes.

1. QuickNav fixes.
2. More PVR fixes.
3. Other small fixes.

1. Better mouse support for the skin settings.
2. Subtitle menu fixes.
3. Improved english language strings.
4. Several small PVR fixes and tweaks.

1. Added setting for onback command.
2. Small language fix.

1. Tweaks for the light colourscheme.
2. Version bump for the github experiment.

1. Added an opacity setting for the OSD.

1. Added a clickable seekbar.
2. New colour themes.
3. Shortened the skin name.
4. Added new icons.
5. Tweaked the subtitles menu.
6. Small fixes.

1. Added a custom dialog for the view selector.
2. Added new selector thumbnails.
3. Added "Plain List" view.
4. Added "Lovefilm" view.
5. Added "Info List 3" view.
6. Added "Medium Icons" view.
7. Added an improved NextUp PostPlay skin.
8. Added "disc.png" artwork for Music OSD.
9. Added more flags settings.
10. Added Director/Revenue info for the movie library.
11. Added Forced Views for most content types.
12. Fixed hub logos.
13. Fixed movieset overlay info.
14. Fixed subtitle dialog behaviour.
15. Fixed some minor dialogs.
16. General speed improvements.
17. Improved Showcase posters.
18. Improved video thumbs.
19. Improved Header colours.
20. Improved hub back actions.
21. Improved the Line Labels.

1. Added manfeed's lyrics.
2. Fixes for Hub widgets.
3. Fixes for weather.
4. Added music genre and record label resources.
5. Added record label icons in dialog infos.
6. Refined view types and categories.
7. Added the old Hub menu as an option.
8. Improved QuickNav and submenu handling.
9. Functional Genre widget.

1. Some stubborn bugs squashed.

1. Fixed dialog buttons.
2. Fixed playlist dialog.
3. Added some new animations.
4. Mouse supported submenu.

1. Small fixes.

1. Added a fake disc with writing in Music OSD.
2. Repaired the repeat button.
3. Removed duplicate spinner textures.
4. Added more dependencies.
5. Settings window shortcuts for OpenELEC, LibreELEC, and OSMC.
6. Added a record button to the PVR OSD.
7. Added Kodi's Privacy Policy display.
8. Code updates.

1. Tweaked the cast list.
2. Added and improved skin dependencies.

1. Color Picker fix.

1. Power menu fix.
2. ColorPicker fixes.
3. Moved the busy spinner.
4. Moved the user ratings under the clock.

1. Revert header change.
2. New cast info in the OSD.
3. More code updates.

1. Quick bugfix.

1. Added a Quick navigation shortcuts menu.
2. Further code updates from Eminence 2.5.
3. Fix for Library selection buttons.
4. A fix for true hidden headers.
5. PVR visual fixes.
6. Overhaul of the available views.
7. Further mouse control improvements.

1. Small updates for the backgrounds.
2. Changed position for the user rating.

1. Flags and other modifications for Hubs.
2. Updated skin support for Extended Info dialogs.

1. Added a new Netflix view for video items (Arctic - Danvers).
2. New spinner textures (from Arctic - Danvers).
3. Added the user rating system for music and videos.
4. Overhauled and fixed the info screens.
5. Ported the new dialog design from Eminence 2.5.
6. Ported the Settings screen from Eminence 2.5.
7. More mouse optimizations for the setting menus.
8. Added an option to use music artwork backgrounds.
9. Ported the window shadows from Eminence 2.5.
10. Fixed a weather widget bug.

1. Updated the setting labels for Krypton, and improved mouse support.

1. More code updates and fixes.
2. Added new info for addons.

1. New skin icon.
2. Begun updating the code to reflect soon-to-be deprecated string bools.
3. A bunch of small fixes to the code.
4. Some new flags.

1. Improvements and fixes for the Video OSD.
2. Moved my portion of the changelog to the addon.xml.
3. Restored the addoninfo changelog button for the "news" value.
4. Added a setting for duration formats. "script.duration_axbmcuser" now required.
5. Updated required addons list.
6. Small fixes for the Showcase view.

1. Improved vertical and horizontal scrolling.
2. Added letter scrollbar (by marcelvedt and the Aeon Madnox team!).
3. Added Player.Process dialog for Krypton.
4. Adapted the game controlers file from Eminence 2.5 (needs to be tested).
5. Fixed some small glitches.

1. Added animated artwork!
2. Cleaned up inconsistent code.
3. Added proper settings and labels for various new features.

1. Better flags icons and other small fixes.

1. Added support for rotating ExtraFanart with Skin Helper!
2. Fixed the Krypton settings screen.
3. Added RottenTomatoes, Metacritic and IMDb ratings to the VideoInfo screen.
4. Updated the Dialogs and added the "Get more..." and "Cancel" buttons.
5. Added the Showcase view from Eminence 2.5!
6. Redesigned the way Video OSD works.
7. Fixed most of the Skin Helper properties.
8. Altered flag aspect ratio.
9. Fixed and improved the movieset display.
10. Redesigned the large submenu.
11. Tweaked the timestamp bubble.
12. Removed the changelog button from the addon info screen.
13. Darkened the interface dffuse graphic.
14. Repaired the subitle offset slider.
15. Modded the way source flags are displayed while playing.
16. Changed the OSD info button function.


1. Go to "Settings / Addons / Install from Zip file".
2. Select the downloaded ZIP file.
3. Wait.
4. Switch to the skin, or go to "Settings / Appearance / Skin".

If you encounter errors even after manually installing all the dependencies, then you might need to unzip the skin.

1. Unzip the downloaded file.
2. Copy and paste the folder named "skin.eminence.2.mod.Krypton" to:

For Android: "Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/"  (Sometimes the exact path will differ from device to device, you need to check this on your own.)

For iOS: "/private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/Kodi/addons/"

For Linux: "~/.kodi/addons/"

For OpenELEC: "/storage/.kodi/addons/"

For Windows: Start - type %APPDATA%\kodi\addons - press <Enter>

For Mac OSX: "/Users/<your_user_name>/Library/Application Support/Kodi/addons/"

Skin Dependencies:

Skin Shortcuts: Builds the home menus, sub-menus, quick-menus....
Skin Helper Service: This addon adds a lot of useful skin settings.
Skin Helper Backup: Enables the skin backup and restore features, including the shortcuts.
Skin Helper Widgets: Adds more widgets to use.
Skin Helper Colorpicker: Enables the skin colour picking options.
Script ExtendedInfo: Shows much additional information about movies, tv shows and music.
Script Image Resource Select: This add-on is needed to select genre icons, weather icons, studio logos, etc.
AutoCompletion for virtual keyboard: This add-on is needed to show auto-completion in the keyboard.

Additional Add-ons:

Library Data Provider: This add-on adds a variety of library-based widgets.
Duration Script (axbmcuser MOD): Converts minutes duration to HH:MM format. Works faster than Skin Helper.
Next Up Notification: This addon shows a popup notification to prompt for playing the next unwatched episode.
Artwork Downloader: This addon can automatically download all available artwork for the movies/tv shows in your library.
Artwork Beef Forum Thread: This add-on is an alternative to Artwork Downloader. The repo, explanations and links are in the forum thread.
Global Search: This add-on lets you search content in your library.
Artist Slideshow: This add-on displays a slideshow as background for music visualization.
colorbox Script: Shows pixelated fanart on the Music OSD.
TV Show Next Aired: Shows available info regarding tv show airing times.
Youtube : This add-on is required to watch trailers.
cu.lrclyrics: This addon is required to display lyrics from songs.
CD Art Manager : This add-on lets you download all ClearLogo and CDArt of your Music Library and export them.
Script PlayAlbum: This add-on is needed to play album from the album info screen.
Resource Images Busy Spinners Titan: This add-on expands the busy spinners the skin uses.
script.toolbox: This add-on is useful for various manual fanart manipulations, as well as automatic color backgrounds in some skin viewtypes.


Downloading the skin repo and the dependencies repo should enable automatic updates and notifications. With these installed, you should have an easy and automatic process.

Should anything go wrong, you can still find the repo zips in the link above, including many of the older versions.

The last link provides the freshest commits that might not have yet been pushed to the repository, because I'm still tweaking them. Bugs are possible!


After many requests, I've put up this PayPal link for potential donations. I know of no simpler method, since navigating banking legislature in my country is a nightmare...

Just to be clear, I will never request donations, I'm doing this for fun, and will continue to do so for as long as I can. If you feel like you'd like to contribute for whatever reason, be sure that I am very grateful! Nod
Eminence 2 MOD, Revived & Improved

If you've found me helpful, eh, maybe press the thanks button? If you like, you can click here for donations. :)

1. For now the skin works in Krypton only!

2. Marcelveldt's BETA Repo is required for most of the skin dependencies. If you install it, the most necessary things for the skin to work should install automatically. If you encounter any errors, please try to download the dependencies manually, install them as zips, and then re-install the skin.

3. If you are backing up or restoring your skin settings, beware of two things - first, the location of your backups (see the Skin Helper Backup add-on settings), and second - properly restoring your header, widget bevel and other settings that need to be defined. For example: If you can't see the widget discs after a restore, that means you must re-set the bevel setting (literally just set it again) .

4. If you have issues regarding the settings, especially newly added ones, it's recommended to go to userdata/addon_data/skin.eminence.2.mod.Krypton and remove the settings.xml. This will remove the skins settings, allowing you to refresh them. Depending on the location, you can also use the skins own reset settings button, or manually add or delete the entry in settings.xml.

5. For the Weather widget to work, you must install the multi fanart artwork. For the moment it is needed for the widget to appear.

6. Special music artwork needs to be organised as follows:
Music Library/Artist/logo.png;
Music Library/Artist/Album/disc.png

7. To use the RightList DiscArt display, all your discs must be named "disc.png".

8. manfeed's lyrics will only work in the default font set, since Arial negates the purpose of the mod.

9. Black Glass and Solid Panel colour schemes currently break the SH setting dialogues, a search for a fix is ongoing. Use during this time is discouraged. To re-enable them, simply rename the .bak files located in "skin.eminence.2.mod.Krypton\colors" folder.


11. Skin settings / Background / background colour and opacity controls the fanart/extrafanart brightness and colour overlay.

12. "Allow widget reloading" should be checked only if you experience bugs/problems with the way widgets refresh/load during normal use. This option will slow down widget loading.

13. Reading the descriptions in the lower left corner will clear up most of your queries about what a setting does. It is highly recommended to do so!

14. Ctrl + N will bring up the extended "Now Playing" menu!

15. To remove the home menu header, type in N/A as the custom text.

16. Be advised that the native skin for ExtendedInfo seems broken. It doesn't appear to be a fault of any skin, but a bug in the add-on.
Eminence 2 MOD, Revived & Improved

If you've found me helpful, eh, maybe press the thanks button? If you like, you can click here for donations. :)
The best skin EVER!
@Alanon - I will lock the other thread and put a post linking to this one (EDIT: You already had a post at the end, so I just locked the other thread)

Nice work btw. Always great to have an active modding community Smile
@jurialmunkey + @Alanon : I love this skin and this mod makes it even more useful - keep up the good work!

Any chance that we can get automated updates for this mod from a repository?
Great job, I can't wait to try it !!
This is the marcelveldt repository link, the 1st message has a huge, wrong link in it.

Sony VPL-HW55ES + Stewart Firehawk 182cm, nVidia Shield, LibreElec + 5 * Intel NUC, Vu+ Uno4k & T90+8lnb, 28Tb Thecus N7510 NAS, Denon AVR-X1100W, AMX+ 3*Ipad, 3*KefQ1, 4*KefQ2DS, Elac S12EQ

(2017-02-20, 09:08)jurialmunkey Wrote: @Alanon - I will lock the other thread and put a post linking to this one (EDIT: You already had a post at the end, so I just locked the other thread)

Nice work btw. Always great to have an active modding community Smile

Thanks! I wasn't really sure what to do with that old thread. Really love your work, thanks for the kind words! Big Grin

(2017-02-20, 14:43)Raitsa Wrote: This is the marcelveldt repository link, the 1st message has a huge, wrong link in it.


Thanks, just updated the first post. It seems I linked the whole repository content by mistake. Confused
Eminence 2 MOD, Revived & Improved

If you've found me helpful, eh, maybe press the thanks button? If you like, you can click here for donations. :)
how to change when video playing please? i try to fix but i don't succeed
Is it possible to enable a clickable progress bar during video play. I am not able to skip video at specific time. Fast forward takes too much time.
(2017-02-20, 18:19)comorian26 Wrote: how to change when video playing please? i try to fix but i don't succeed

What do you mean? What do you wish to change?

(2017-02-20, 18:49)rocknroll Wrote: Is it possible to enable a clickable progress bar during video play. I am not able to skip video at specific time. Fast forward takes too much time.

At the moment, no. I'm hoping to add this feature real soon.

In the meantime, Krypton uses an incremental skip option, which you can use with the arrows on your keyboard/remote. Left is for backward and right if for going forwards. One press = +10 seconds, two quick taps = + 30 seconds, three = +60 seconds, and so on. With just a couple of clicks you can advance like 5-10 minutes, it's much more efficient than fast forwarding. Krypton also offers you to set-up the increment steps to your preference.
Eminence 2 MOD, Revived & Improved

If you've found me helpful, eh, maybe press the thanks button? If you like, you can click here for donations. :)
thanks it is what i will do now congratulations for this skin it is this best at the moment
Hi, Great job, how i can move this tab up with osd video and RSS feed as i want to use long tile
watch gallery

congratulations for this skin it is this best
HI it seems to me that version v. 2.2 make kodi 17 very too slow with addons navigation I tried with other skins while running super and fast
The indicator for WebDL is shown on the hub, even if the setting "Show media flags on Hub widget" is turned to off.
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