Control Kodi 17 on iPad 1
On my iPad 1 I have the Kodi remote app installed and I can connect to Kodi 16 (on an old laptop) but not to Kodi 17 (on Nvidia Shield). I can control Kodi 17 with an app on my HTC 10.

The app cannot be updated on the iPad, so I wonder if it is still possible to connect to Kodi 17 with this app. Kodi 17 doesn't have Zeroconf, could that be the reason I can't connect? Or is there a setting in Kodi 17 that I need to set to control Kodi with my iPad 1?
You have to put manually the host information such as the IP address into the remote app and everything should work.
I have done that but when trying to connect, I get the message "Could not connect to the server"
Try to connect to Kodi via iPad safari browser to check if the http connection is working by entering the http://<kodi_ip>:<kodi_port> into the safari url and let me know.
Yes that is working. I can connect with the safari browser to Kodi.
Please double check then the host details, ip address and port, into the app's host configuration view.
The details are correct. I even deleted the entry and re-added it, but still can't connect to Kodi.
The version of the app on the iPad 1 is: 1.5.5, maybe this helps...
I'm having the same problem. Can't connect to kodi via the app. Just upgraded kodi to 17 and now remote controller not working
Got it working and I feel stupid how I fixed it....

When you add the Kodi you want to remote control in the app, port 8080 seems already populated, but I found out this not true Blush
After entering both the port numbers (in my case 8080 & 9090) I am able to remote control my Kodi on my iPad 1
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