(SOLVED)Maybe a memory leak problem with kodi
(2017-08-29, 09:26)Halbstark Wrote: Is it also solved, if I call kodi-standalone? because I have a similar issue.
The used memory rises nearly linear (see screenshot)
I am using Kodi 17.4 on Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS

I can confirm this with my Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Server and Kodi 17.4 installed
I use it for live TV with Tvheadend also on the same Server
After 2 hours of watching kodi crashes because of low memory
After restarting kodi the usage of the memory is about 15% and it rises and rises and rises
I'm facing this same issue, using Ubuntu server 16.04.3 x86_64 + kodi 17.4 + tvheadend.

As soon as i start watching any TV channel the memory consumption rises linear until i run out of it (4gb)

I'm running kodi-standalone throuth the systemd service script example (http://kodi.wiki/view/Archive:HOW-TO:Aut..._for_Linux), but modified it to launch the /usr/bin/kodi script instead just to check.

My /usr/bin/kodi script includes the line with MALLOC_MMAP_THRESHOLD_=131072 as stated by @wsnipex but the issue isn't solved.

Please can anybody assist with further? any of you managed to solve it somehow?

Thanks in advance,

Nope I still have the same issue unfortunately..
Just in case it helps, i can tell that when watching tvheadend channel directly through VLC, it works flawlessly and the RAM consumption keeps stable.

So right now, as a workarround, I assume the only option would consist in downgrading to a previous version of kodi? I've never done it donno even if it's feasible?

Thanks in advance
Same here,
Ubuntu 16.04, kodi 17.4 , iptvsimple , memory leak .
I tried latest nighty build. 18 alpha 20171012 without success

Out of memory: Kill process 4133 (kodi.bin) score 862 or sacrifice child
Killed process 4133 (kodi.bin) total-vm:6575604kB, anon-rss:2941228kB, file-rss:0kB

and kodi restart ... 

After 25min, 55% from 4gb ram Smile

kodi     18308 53.1 55.1 3846316 1935560 ?     Sl   07:56  25:55 /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/kodi/kodi.bin --standalone
Hello everyone,

In another forum (I don't now where anymore) other users have the same issue
One of them disabled deinterlace and all was fine, I can confirm this. I disabled deinterlace and memory consumption is stable. So maybe it's not a problem with kodi

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(SOLVED)Maybe a memory leak problem with kodi0
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