Suspending to RAM and waking for scheduled recordings.
I have just installed TVH on Openmediavault and everything is working fine.

However, I have to leave my server on all the time to successfully record anything.

I am a very new Linux user and would be really grateful to know how to have the server suspend to RAM after an idle period of 5 minutes but then wake up for any scheduled recordings.

My current Windows server does this with ease, via Power Management, but I have hard that Linux is a little more complex than this.
Just out of curiousity: how do you wake your current Windows server?
I am experimenting with this through team viewer, but it doesn't do the trick if the Windows machine has been sleeping for more than an hour.
Unfortunately, despite the server working perfectly in terms of waking up for recording, EPG grabbing, disk checking etc, I have never been able to wake it with WOL.

My motherboard and switch both support it but I gave up trying to get it to work - I tried everything, including the Kodi Advanced WOL plugin and an advanced WOL android app.

I have ended up having to switch it on, manually, whenever anyone wants to watch anything on the server.

Far from the best solution but, as a general rule, it only really needs to be started once in the evening and streaming/recording activity seems to keep it active until everyone goes to sleep.

Sorry I could not be of more assistance, but good luck with it - I am confident that nearly any modern set up should be able to work in this way. Having tinkered with every BIOS and Windows setting (enable WOL, allow waking via magic packets etc,) I became convinced that it was a setting on my router that needed changing.

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Suspending to RAM and waking for scheduled recordings.0
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