Kodi Binary ADDON Installation
Hello, I have a little question,
after building the binary add-ons, how I do install these addons?
(make binary-addons)
or do I need after building the addon's rebuild kodi?

Best Thanks Smile
are you using cmake to build your add-on?

If so
project(<add-on id>)
find_package(Kodi REQUIRED)
# DEPLIBS is a list of dependencies

On the root level (where your CMakeLists.txt is located) you want a directory <add-on id>.
This directory holds:
  1. your addon.xml
  2. icon.png (fanart.jpg)
  3. resources subdir (which can hold your settings.xml etc.)

If you're building using make you can just manually create a typical add-on structure and put your built binary in it's root level. (or elsewhere, you have to reference it from within your addon.xml anyway)

You may just take visualization.waveform as a template if you're confused with my explanation Smile
This project is relatively small

pls provide the necessary information about your build environment:

- build-host (if cross-compile)
- target-system
- cmake / auto-tools build
- the location of your kodi checkout folder
- the list of binary addons
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