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I use two raspberry kodis (osmc) on a mysql shared movie/audio library.
I use another Kodi on my Windows PC to scan and get library right.

Sometimes, the library isn't refreshed (or reloaded from database) on the raspberries.
As I ever do some json-rpc command with php to do some stuff on rasps, is there a way to say the rasps to reload the datas ? I don't mean to scan medias to add them into the library or search for anything on the net/scrappers, just reload the database to see last added movies/music without having to reboot.

no one on this problem ?
Have you tried VideoLibrary.Scan or VideoLibrary.Clean from here?
Well, I don't want to scan it, as all new content is added manually with different scrappers on my PC. So the library is all good, just need to be reloaded.

I will try if clean command does the trick, thanks.
If you're not wanting to scan, then you definitely don't want to clean, which as I understand it is a more invasive action.

How is Kodi set upwith MySQL? Did you use the wiki guide here? Under the importing section of this page it says you need to use the SMB protocol and not just a network share or Windows mapped drive when accessing your library. It also recommends using IP address over hostname.
Yes I only use static IPs, and smb. Will try next time I add something ;-)
It may not help you but restarting the Kodi application will cause the library to be refreshed. It might be the simplest solution.
Yes, sometimes I reboot the raspberry to be sure to be up to date. But strange there isn't a refresh or reload command :/
I find the updates pretty instantaneous when using MySQL. ie rescan initiated on Machine A, list of "recently added episodes" updates immediately on Machine B. Even if it doesn't, backing out then going back into the view always updates it.
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I have the same issue.  My movie/tv shares live on may NAS.  So does my database (MySQL).  I use my PC to copy/move files, and then to scan to add media to the MySQL database.  I can then access everything on my mobile devices without scanning anything.  (it's like magic)   I also use FireTV with Kodi, and with it set up to work via the central database is sooooo much quicker, and saves a ton of storage space on the FireTV.  (since the media info is stored in the DB)

For the mobile devices that I have Kodi, it works great since the devices get shut down between uses.  Not so much for my Raspberry PIs though. 

My primary use of Kodi is on my main TV's, which are connected to Raspberry Pi's.  I am using OMSC.  The problem is that I have to exit and reload Kodi to see anything I added new via my PC.  The Raspberry Pi's stay on 24/7. 

There is no need for the Pi's to scan the media libraries, as the information has already be captured into the MySQL database.  It does seem that sometimes, when I add a few movies via my PC, they pop up in my recently added movies without having to reload Kodi, but usually not.  I have never seen TV shows magically update without reloading Kodi.

Hitting the Exit and reloading Kodi on OSMC takes only 15-25 seconds.  It's not a deal breaker by far, but I figure that there is probably a simple way to get Kodi to refresh what is "sees" in the MySQL db.
The connection to the MySQL database server and the video/music databases is (or should be) no different from other Kodi clients, also when it comes watched status or resume point.

When you are in a season listing of a particular TV show, and one of the episodes of that TV show is updated to 'watched' via a different Kodi client, yes you will need to refresh the listing manually on your own Kodi client, as Kodi does not update such data "on-the-fly". It requires a 'roundtrip' to the database. So, go back to the TV show's main information page on your Kodi client, and re-enter that season you just left before. All episodes' info should now be updated.

Doing a skin reload will also update all video info. Right now, Kodi 17 unfortunately does not auto-refresh data on every screen. Perhaps this will be different in Kodi 18 Leia.
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Okay, so if I understand...
  • I load a few movies to my NAS, then from Kodi I go to movies and 'Scan for new content'
  • Kodi updates the MySQL database with the movie information
  • I go to the "movies" section on my PC and see the new movies in "Recently added"
I then go into my living room and turn on my TV, which is connected to an 'always on' Raspberry Pi (running OSMC)
  • I go to 'Movies' from the main menu, and look at the "Recently added"...
  • The movies I just added are not showing
So far, the way I get them to appear is to "Exit" and reload Kodi.  The new items then appear.

It sounds like this may be a skin issue.  If so, might it be solved by using a different skin?  I can try reloading the skin, but this isn't much better then reloading Kodi.
I found a simple way to refresh Kodi's main page.  I go to "Movies", select any unwatched movie and 2 times press "W" on my remote keyboard (mark the movie as watched, then unwatched).  After that the main page is refreshed.
There is even better way to refresh Kodi's views. I found it here.

On LibreElec my /storage/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/keyboard.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Now, to refresh any view I just press F5 on my remote keyboard.
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