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I use two raspberry kodis (osmc) on a mysql shared movie/audio library.
I use another Kodi on my Windows PC to scan and get library right.

Sometimes, the library isn't refreshed (or reloaded from database) on the raspberries.
As I ever do some json-rpc command with php to do some stuff on rasps, is there a way to say the rasps to reload the datas ? I don't mean to scan medias to add them into the library or search for anything on the net/scrappers, just reload the database to see last added movies/music without having to reboot.

no one on this problem ?
Have you tried VideoLibrary.Scan or VideoLibrary.Clean from here?
Well, I don't want to scan it, as all new content is added manually with different scrappers on my PC. So the library is all good, just need to be reloaded.

I will try if clean command does the trick, thanks.
If you're not wanting to scan, then you definitely don't want to clean, which as I understand it is a more invasive action.

How is Kodi set upwith MySQL? Did you use the wiki guide here? Under the importing section of this page it says you need to use the SMB protocol and not just a network share or Windows mapped drive when accessing your library. It also recommends using IP address over hostname.
Yes I only use static IPs, and smb. Will try next time I add something ;-)
It may not help you but restarting the Kodi application will cause the library to be refreshed. It might be the simplest solution.
Yes, sometimes I reboot the raspberry to be sure to be up to date. But strange there isn't a refresh or reload command :/
I find the updates pretty instantaneous when using MySQL. ie rescan initiated on Machine A, list of "recently added episodes" updates immediately on Machine B. Even if it doesn't, backing out then going back into the view always updates it.
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