Channels settings in TV server not working in Kodi

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Sir Kus Offline
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With Kodi 17 (default MP PVR) and MP 2.1pre backend, all channels preferences in TV server are not working in Kodi:

- channels order
- disabled channels
- custom channels mapping in xmltv plugin

... maybe the settings changes are not taken in count after the first launch, Should I first configure all in TV server, before installing Kodi and TVServerKodi?

EDIT: after 2 or 3 days the custom channels mapping in xmltv plugin is correctly reported. Others two problems remain.
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jojo1411 Offline
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I can confirm the issue with the channel order in Kodi 17.
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JackTramiel Offline
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Configuring tv server first works fine here. Always did the whole setup on tv server side, so cant tell if it changed. (KODI 17)
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