ServerWMC across WAN

Here is the Setup i am trying to configure

Server: Win 7 + ServerWMC on Network 1 ( i have port forwarded port 9080 on network 1)

Client: Kodi on Fire TV2 running ServerWMC pvr addon on Network 2

Everything (server and all clients) works perfectly on Network 1.

On the Client on Network 2, i've configured the pvr Addon to point to the serverWMC on Network 1

The client on network 2 only seems to load channel information and guide data just fine. (I do get an error about recorded tv but i am not concerned on recorded TV on network 2)

Whenever i try to watch something however, i get a 'working' pop-up but I don't get any live TV. It just stops after a few seconds of the 'working' popup

Wondering if I am missing something or if its just not possible.

The recorded tv folder on your server machine needs to be accessible for BOTH live tv and recorded tv to work, so you need to make this folder accessible by the client on network 2, then it should work fine.
Windows Media Center PVR addon (pvr.wmc) and server backend (ServerWMC)
Was having the same issue on a couple of clients...even with folder shared for everyone. Had to set credentials (in SWMC) before it would work on those clients.
Thanks Krusty! I got it working by setting up a VPN between my two networks. Now since I am able to share the 'recorded tv' folder, I can stream Live TV to network 2.

Question: Do you know or can recomend what kind of upload speeds I should have on my Server WMC? I am currently getting a lot of buffering on my client.

My current ISP only gives me 4Mbps upload and i wonder if that's too low for streaming to the other network. If I was to try and increase my upload speeds do you have any recommendations on what it should be for serverWMC?

Thanks again!
Glad you got that figured out.

I calc it this way: wtv files are big, a file for a half hour show can be around 2-4 GB. For you to be able to stream that without interruption you have to be able to transfer a 4GB file in less than a half hour (i.e. less then the shows run length). So the bit rate you need is = 4G*8/(30*60) = 18 Mbps (at least)
Windows Media Center PVR addon (pvr.wmc) and server backend (ServerWMC)
Before Netflix & On Demand became a thing I was using WebDAV on Windows ISS. Converted files with MCEBuddy, streamed recorded tv across 3g network to both android & iOS, worked flawless.
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