OSMC announced new Vero4k, opinions?
I've never understood the value proposition of the Vero (now on revision 3) compared to similar hardware/chipsets available at the time of release. The original Vero had support for 3 years when it shipped in February of 2015 and now the Vero3 has support for 5 years (through spring of 2022). There is still another year of support left for the original Vero, which I think means it will probably have Leia available before support "stops" (though no reason they might not continue to support). I do wonder how many of the original Vero devices are still in use running OSMC/Kodi and how many have been replaced by the Vero2 or another device due to better features (4k, h265 hardware decode).

With similar hardware (s905/s905x) at 1/2 to 1/3 the cost and more and more powerful chipsets coming out every year or two (some being supported/developed for Kodi, some not), it makes more sense to me to just plan on replacing my Kodi device every so often. Some care has to be taken in choosing a specific device that works well with Kodi, so that is one advantage for the Vero because it is guaranteed to work.

I've been quite pleased with an Odroid-C2. The gigabit ethernet has no issues and iperf shows it can run at true gigabit speed, so I am unsure why fast ethernet on the Vero3 is needed unless the network adapter is like the original Vero and can run at gigabit speed but is connected to a bus that can't handle gigabit throughput.

I haven't looked at OSMC in about 2 years, are there any great apps in the app store, maybe something for Netflix that would differentiate the Vero/OSMC from other distros that include Kodi?
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