OSMC announced new Vero4k, opinions?
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(2017-05-12, 06:14)auren Wrote: Hi. Can anyone tell me what they think of the Vero 4K? Just wondering if anyone in the community already has a Vero 4K. I saw it included in the "Start Here" section and it got me curious. But noone seems to have posted any comprehensive review on it.

I suggest having a look in the OSMC forums - there is a lot of commonality between Kodi Krypton running on OSMC and Kodi Krypton running on LibreELEC - there is a bunch of code sharing that occurs.
Sam Nazarko, the Vero 4K dev. even bases his AMLogic Linux Kernel on the common one we (meaning LibreELEC developers) use for AMLogic S905 LibreELEC devices.

That's Open Source for you - a sharing of ideas and code fixes. Wink

We don't actually use the LE common kernel. It had some sound issues with things like passthrough (as it doesn't use the sysfs approach). We initially picked Mateusz' tree, but we are now moving to AMLogic's upstream repository [1]. It's similar, but gives us full Git history (and is synced regularly from their Git server), so it's easier to track changes. The tarball drop from AML approach was quite frustrating, but fortunately we no longer have to deal with this. The Nougat changes for example bring a ton of unnecessary (and unexpected) DT changes that are harder to track if you pick Mateusz' single-merge commit.

We also have 4.9-in-progress tree here [2].

I do (and will continue) to PR anything that's mutually beneficial for us.

There are a couple of reviews here:

http://www.joypad.ch/all-review-list/vero-4k/ (one for Google Translate perhaps..)

I will send some to reviewers soon so that we can get some more reviews on this device.


[1] https://github.com/osmc/vero3-linux/tree/3.14-sync
[2] https://github.com/osmc/vero3-linux/tree/4.9
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