OSMC announced new Vero4k, opinions?
Hi all,

I'm struggling with the decision to buy or not the Vero 4K box.

I need a box that has be interfaced with my AVR and Samsung 4K TV. It should be able to read the BDMV folders (4K at 60Hz) flawlessly (from NAS and external USB HDD) and pass-through all HD audio sources to the AVR.
Based on the promises on the Vero 4K page, it seems that it does all these things. The problem is that I was not able to find any good review which confirmed the promises.
Also the HW characteristics make me wonder, because they are very similar to my M8S pro box which I'm not happy with (I have the LibreElec installed natively and it doesn't pass-through the HD audio and it also has many problems reading the BDMV rips).
I'm also debating to buy the NUC6CAYH, but I read that there are still problems with the HD pass-through in LibreElec (I'm allergic to Windows! So, there is no way that I will install it on the NUC).

What would you recommend?
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OSMC announced new Vero4k, opinions?44