OSMC announced new Vero4k, opinions?
(2017-09-08, 07:09)preppie Wrote: Just received my Vero 4K and so far very happy with it (will return with a review shortly). Question, how do I know if the hardware deinterlacing is working as intended on a clip? The software options are greyed out for obvious reasons I assume and it says off on deinterlace.

Watch a native interlaced source with motion and see if it is deinterlaced or not. Anything native interlaced (i.e. not shot 24/25p) shouldn't have combing on horizontal motion (i.e. you shouldn't see thin lines)

News channel tickers on 480i, 576i or 1080i sources are usually a good test - if they comb on horizontal motion, then they aren't being deinterlaced correctly, if they are smooth with no combing, then they probably are.

Using your eyes, as nickr says, is the best way to check. It's very clear, very quickly... Some platforms - like the AMLogic SoCs - have hardware deinterlacing that isn't controlled directly by Kodi - so the deinterlace option is greyed out (as deinterlacing takes place automatically when an interlaced source is played back in a codec that is hardware accelerated I believe?)
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