OSMC announced new Vero4k, opinions?
(2017-09-26, 01:51)Sam.Nazarko Wrote: As of today, the post process manager is now working on the Vero 4K kernel, so scaling can be done in hardware not software.

Need to fix hints detection and demuxer for 3D ISOs.

Plan is to output MVC as 3D HSBS for displays that do not advertise Frame Packed output support in their EDID and Frame Packed output for those that do.

Once I make further progress, I will create a test thread on the OSMC forum.
Great! That looks very promising, appreciate your effort very much Smile

May I make a suggestion: In my opinion it would make more sense to choose 3D H-TAB as a fallback option instead of H-SBS. That is because with H-TAB all passive based 3D TV's (for the rare case they do not have Frame Packing support) will not lose additional picture quality by halving the horizontal resolution. As passive 3D always works with alternating lines for both eyes, thus always halving the vertical resolution by principle, H-SBS would reduce the resolution even more by halving the horizontal resolution additionally with its split screen.
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