OSMC announced new Vero4k, opinions?
(2017-10-10, 17:14)joe_sun Wrote: I was about to order one of these when I noticed the lack of gigabit ethernet. I need to be able to stream a full definition 4K UHD blu ray rip from my Unraid server. It doesn't seem there would be enough bandwidth without gigabit. Anyone try this yet?

There was some discussion about this in the long 'Pick the Right Box' thread, but unfortunately a search doesn't point me to the conversation.

UHD 4K spec caps out at 120Mbps.
Most rips will be much smaller; and 120Mbps is a variable bitrate.

Obviously WiFi is 802.11ac and you can use a Gigabit Ethernet adapter but so far we haven't found users have needed to resort to such measures to watch things. 

As an aside, we did find that for a very high bitrate clip that required an advancedsettings.xml change to play correctly. We've looked in to this and it looks like Kodi doesn't actually use 3x the memory designated for the buffer size. There is a circular cache with a sliding window, but increasing the buffer size didn't increase the amount of memory used as expected. As we have 2GB of RAM on the device, we'd like to use it to its full potential and make improvements to Kodi's caching approach. 

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