OSMC announced new Vero4k, opinions?
interesting thread. some questions

now that deuhd is out i have several 4k rips with hdr all going into a 4k set. will this support both 4k and hdr?

i also have a lot of mvc 3d movies. looks like that support is there. does it work reliably with a 4k set since it need to cha ge res to 1080p?

finally on audio:

what about atmos, dts:x, dsd multi channel (at least decode into pcm) and flac up to 192/24?

this may be my ideal box for the rest of the house. i have found however full 1080p mkv playback requires a wired connection. wireless is never good enough.

i am on jriver right now which is excellent all around but i like competition and want to support this kind of development and support. i do same for plex with plex pass which has been letting me down more and more lately.....

thanks in advance - may purchase one and start testing things.
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RE: OSMC announced new Vero4k, opinions? - by TheShoe - 2017-10-26, 00:29

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