OSMC announced new Vero4k, opinions?
(2017-12-30, 01:54)t2ffn Wrote: Perfect, just ordered a StarTech USB power cable with those specs. I'll be ordering another box soon for the kitchen TV as it's on a pull/swing out arm, the Vero will be easier to attach/conceal behind the TV than the current chromebox and it's bigger power cables. If the TV USB will power it (even with TV turned off) as they have powered USB slots for DVR HDDs these days I'll be smiling from ear to ear too!
 Let me know how you get on with it. We don't recommend powering via USB for all use cases; but you cannot damage the device from doing this. Make sure you don't have the barrel jack power source attached as well. 

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OSMC announced new Vero4k, opinions?44