OSMC announced new Vero4k, opinions?
The more I use this device, the more pleased I am with it's performance.  I've replaced a Nexus Player with this device and it's been a great ride.  Before when trying to watch HDHomeRUN WiFi streamed channels, the Nexus player would stutter or the video would play fine but I'd have no audio, not any longer with this device.  I haven't had one hiccup while watching live TV.

I used to have to use the Plex plugin with Kodi and set plex to transcode any movie I wanted to watch down to 4MB because the Google Nexus player wasn't picking up a strong enough WiFi signal.  No longer with this box, I've removed the Plex plugin from my Kodi menu because I can stream 4K movies without having to transcode!

I had to disable all "animated fanart and animated movie posters" on my chosen skin because trying to scroll through my movie collection would cause the Nexus player to "lock up".  Not any more!  This box hums along happily with every skin setting enabled!

Once Kodi 18 drops and we can finally get Netflix (and hopefully Amazon VOD?) this will be perfect.

If you're on the fence about buying one; don't be!
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RE: OSMC announced new Vero4k, opinions? - by Usafle - 2018-01-20, 04:32

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