OSMC announced new Vero4k, opinions?
(2018-04-09, 12:44)lstar337 Wrote: The remote for the Wetek is quite nice and it still works so I would like to be able to use it with the Vero box if possible.
Yes it is a nice simple Wireless remote. Wink
My suggestion is to open up the busted WeTek Core box and pull out the USB Mini WiFi receiver dongle that is plugged into an internal USB port.

You can then use that with pretty much any media player you want. Just Plug the WiFi dongle into a new box and you should be good to go !

Quote:but I would like to turn the box on and off with the IR part just like the Wetek core does..
Off / On might be difficult on AMlogic devices because that usually uses Infra Red and each AML box has the IR Off / On Signal hardcoded into it's bootloader. It's not user configurable.

The Vero 4K does have a Standby Mode that works well, you have to select that from Kodi's Power Menu. Then you simply tap a remote button to wake up the box.

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