OSMC announced new Vero4k, opinions?
Hi ,

I really enjoying Vero 4K. For me it is really better then Nvidia shield TV then we talk about pure KODI.  Always great support from OSMC teem.

I have such question regarding: Mini Review by @wrxtasy - Updated 10th March 2018.  There is such sentence : - •24bit FLAC audio untested. It's very likely resampled 16bit output like all other AMLogic Linux based media players.

Need more info here. Like example stereo FLAC file 24bit/192kHz (PCM)
When we talk about :
  1.  Through SPDF optical output can we get 24bit from Vero 4K? 
  2. Through HDMI output can we get 24bit? from Vero 4K?

Receiver confirms that it is really  like example 96 kHz  or 192kHz sample rate, but when we talk about bit depths it is not clear : is it 16bit or 24bit...

What is possibility to check bit depths output on vero 4K ?
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