OSMC announced new Vero4k, opinions?
(2018-07-23, 10:02)graham-h Wrote:
(2018-06-12, 00:20)wesk05 Wrote: All Amlogic devices are limited to 16-bit output. An HDMI analyzer or a HDFury Vertex will show you the maximum word length (bit depth) set in the Channel Status Bits of the HDMI signal. 24-bit doesn't necessarily mean that the output is indeed 24-bit, but if these bits are set to 16-bit (max word length-20), then 24-bit output is completely ruled out and that is what you would see with Amlogic devices.

I have a post somewhere on LibreELEC forums on this topic. I recorded the HDMI output at 24-bit depth and then analyzed the real bit-depth of the output. It is only 16-bit for Amlogic devices.

Not true, actually. I can get Vero4k to output 24-bit LPCM. If there are problems interfacing with other equipment I'm sure OSMC can sort them out. 

Yes, indeed you can get 24-bit output from Amlogic SoCs with non-Android OS. The problem is incorrect word length in the channel status. Sinks that do not honor the channel status word length may process the signal as 24-bit.
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