OSMC announced new Vero4k, opinions?
(2018-11-13, 15:02)miljbee Wrote: Hello,

I recently bought a vero 4k+ and I wanted to drop a quick nice review about this box because it's really a good one.
I am using xbmc for a really long time. I ran it on the first xbox, 2 computers, a Pi, a miBox, Odroid C1 and C2.

Obviously the vero 4k+ is a bit expensive comparing to the pi, Odroid, or any Android Box, but If you have a hdr 4k TV,
this one is probably the one you need. If you need more than kodi, you can also choose a shield, but for kodi, this one is perfect.
It plays just fine all of my movies. CEC just works and no need to fiddle with nfs and/or fstab for network sources.
Of course HDR mode is automatically triggered, refresh rate switching just works as well as switching resolution up.

Beside 'it justs works' I also wanted to tell that it's obviously a product engineered with passion and attention to details.
The packaging could resist a earth shake !
It is bundled with a nice rf remote, an IR Receiver, and a mount system (I haven't used them).

Is there things to improve : of course !

The first power experience is good. But since you are asked your langage and country, having the right on screen keyboard in kodi would be nice.
Honestly, I don't like the OSMC skin and quickly switched to the default kodi skin (that's just my taste)
Using CEC, the d-pad repeat rate is slow (I would say 2hz, so scrolling through a long list is a pain, even when using the scroller or chup/dwn).
There are other small annoyances, but they are on the kodi side.

Finally, I am very happy with this box, I don't find it that expensive considering that the package is really complete and that all that I needed works.
 Thanks for taking the time to post a review up.

In Kodi v18, we will add support for changing the keyboard (system wide as well) based on the language chosen.
You should be able to adjust the repeat filter of CEC to your liking under Settings -> Input -> Peripherals -> CEC. 

Hope this helps

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