OSMC announced new Vero4k, opinions?
I got my Vero 4k+ after reading about its HDR, resolution switching and audio capabilities.
This is my take on the device...

It just works, been using Kodi on Windows and Ubuntu previously, the little Vero takes everything I've thrown at it and does it without effort.

The gigabit ethernet makes all playback silky smooth and it's easy to skip forward and backward. I've got all my media on a Windows PC. The WiFi isn't fast enough for the most demanding video with multiple audio and high bitrate h265 but for everything else it works, skipping forward/backward is alot slower on WiFi.

The GUI is fast, lightning fast I just had to lower the CEC remote input delay to the minimum value. It's too high by default making the Vero seem slow. (I use my TV remote)

It's easy to select resolution and refresh rate manually if I want to, but it does it nicely by itself.

It sends the correct audio and transcodes everything elses without any noticeable slowdown.

Resuming a movie is fast, alot faster than I expected.

Scanning is a little slower than on my Windows machine but it's not that much of a difference.
I've got Kodi setup with a mysql
database that's on a PC. It's probably slower if it has the database on the Vero.

It's easy to transfer files to and from the Vero since it's just to use the Kodi file manager. (Makes it alot easier to edit the advanced settings.xml file)

I don't use any livetv in Kodi so no idea about that but add-ons for media playback with encryption like Viaplay(from the official Kodi repo) works as fast om the Vero as on the windows pc.
Vero 4K+, Yamaha receiver, Samsung 4K HDR TV.
Thinkpad x260: i7-6500u cpu, HD520 grfx, 256GB nvme, 8GB ram, 1080p screen, Windows 10 x64 Pro Signature Edition with latest updates.
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