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Missing List View...
Hello, small issue I'm having with Arctic Zephyr.

When I go to my movies library I get an option for the view called List.

I used to have that view for my TV library as well, however, I made a change, but can't get back to the List view...I get Big List, and a variety of others, but not List...This is on a sub-menu item, so I'm not sure if it's an option, but it should be...

I'm not exactly sure what I did to lose List from my view options, but I did change the view, and then highlight one of the check boxes underneath, and once I did that I could no longer get back to the default list view.

Any suggestions?

Same problem, anyone have any ideas. Seems to be a bug that happened after low list was checked on one of the view items.
Sorry, I can't reproduce the bug. I need the exact steps because I can't see what could be going wrong otherwise.
I stumbled upon the same issue today. Once I activated the Low List option the whole list view disappeared forever. I found another thread about the bug here, seems to be an old persistent problem:

The poster was able to fix it by editing a file, but I'm using a Fire TV stick and can't do it myself. Maybe that thread will help solve the issue in the long run though!

Missing List View...00