Missing Channels in WMC
Okay, still trying to reacquaint myself with setting all this up, so forgive me.

I just noticed that WMC is missing a bunch of channels (18 HD channels that I am looking for). These are not showing up, at all, in WMC.

They are in HDHomerun's setup program, and I can play them in VLC (or HDHomerun View).

I have run the setup in WMC a couple of times without luck.

I missed them during my initial setup, because I assumed all of the available channels would show up. I started looking for FXM in Kodi and could not find it...which lead me all the way back through to WMC.
My guess is its an epg guide supplier problem, if you don't get any help here I recommend asking on a wmc forum like greenbutton.
Windows Media Center PVR addon (pvr.wmc) and server backend (ServerWMC)
I found some good advice over there, which lead me to the Guide Tool program. Using it, I was able to shoehorn the channels into WMC. Most had SD equivalents, so I was able to map the SD channels' guide data to the new HD channels. I am going to next work on trying to figure out how to get guide data for the other channels (only 4).

Thanks again for your guidance.
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Missing Channels in WMC00