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Android - Problems with Audio when playing .rec Files from a Topfield TMS PVR
Dear friends

I am completely new to KODI and very unsafe about where to place my question: I use KODI on my Evolveo Android Box and like to play Movies which were recorded by my Topfield TMS2100 in the .rec Format (which is "more or less" a .ts Format). The files are on NAS mounted to the Topfield PVR, but accessed als via LAN. The picture is working well, but with the Audio there is a lot of problems. Kodi is connected by HDMI to a Sony AV receiver and from the AV-Receiver by HDMI to a Hitachi TV.

Basically I hear nothing, but when I switch between the 4 different Audio Modes Kodi offers within the movie, for a some seconds some sound is to be heard, but then disappears. The same happens when I put to pass-through and back.Of course, from the Topfield receiver the playback works fine through the same AV-receiver

I hope that some experts may tell me, how to search the reason for this problem.

Thanks in advance for icy Prague!


Problems with Audio when playing .rec Files from a Topfield TMS PVR00