Problems speed slideshow Kodi 17.x
Why is this skin related? I don't understand....
Hi everybody,
sadly with 17.6 (LibreElec 8.2.1, Raspberry Pi 2) there is still no change in behaviour, nor any improvement in picture slideshow.
Is there anything I can do to help the developers to investigate this anomaly?


I am wondering if a solution exists as I am now facing the same problem.

Same problem here, using Leia beta3 : if I disable 'pan & zoom effects', the display time is ignored. Even if I enable the setting in the GUI, but then add 0 to their respective 'advancedsettings.xml' entries, it happens.

With effects enabled, my set time does seem to be honored, though I didn't time it exactly. Problem is the missus doesn't like the panning and zooming, so now she complains that "all our pictures are too long".  Blush

I can provide a debug log if needed.
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Problems speed slideshow Kodi 17.x51