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Lircmap.xml for MS MCE remote fixes
Here are some suggestions on getting the Microsoft MCE remote working a bit better. It works pretty well out of the box. There seem to be several versions (see: -- I have the center one. I wonder if all of them send out the same LIRC key codes.

1. Play button
Original maps this to "title". I mapped it to "play", like it was on the original Xbox remote.

2. More (or "i") button
Original maps this to "info". I was used to being able to get the context menu like on the Xbox remote control, so I mapped this to "title". I mapped the DVD menu button to "info" so I wouldn't lose that function.

So here's the first part of my Lircmap.xml file:

<remote device="mceusb">
XBMC machine: ABIT AN-M2HD with nVidia 7050 onboard (Ubuntu Hardy + latest nVidia driver), AMD Athlon BE-2350, Microsoft MCE IR Remote, Logitech PS3 USB keyboard, 33w idle, 53w max, 720p plasma over HDMI

Lircmap.xml for MS MCE remote fixes00