Why is this change breaking the skin?
I have just gone to Kodi 17.0 and hate the fact that I don't have "time remaining" shown.. So I tried to modify the Estuary skin and failed.

But then I realised I could use the Confluence skin so downloaded it and its fine.. But then I made the change that I have made many times in Kodi 16, documented here:

HOW-TO:Add_Time_Remaining_to_Confluence (wiki)

But when I made the change, it messes up the playback GUI.. But whats weird is that when I uncomment out my lines, its stays broken and only works again when I DELETE them.. I am a bit confused, as surely uncommenting them should be fine..

So let me be specific... The line of interest are this:

<label>$LOCALIZE[31049] $INFO[Player.Fibel>$LOCALIZE[31049]


I then change them and add extra lines so it reads like this:

<!label>$LOCALIZE[31049] $INFO[Player.Fibel>$LOCALIZE[31049]
<label>Runtime: $INFO[Player.Duration(hh:mmConfuseds)] (Ends $INFO[Player.FinishTime])</label>


After this change, the Skin is no longer correct and the GUI is broken.. So I then uncomment/comment the lines:

<label>$LOCALIZE[31049] $INFO[Player.Fibel>$LOCALIZE[31049]
<!label>Runtime: $INFO[Player.Duration(hh:mmConfuseds)] (Ends $INFO[Player.FinishTime])</label>


And its STILL broken.. The only way I can get it working is to delete my lines, and then it works again, like this:

<label>$LOCALIZE[31049] $INFO[Player.Fibel>$LOCALIZE[31049]


This is standard XML stuff.. So why is this breaking the skin.. Even when I comment out my lines.. Is there something else I am missing which is new in Kodi 17.0?
I think I have worked it out.. It seems the ! as a comment is incorrect, or isn't supported.. It used to be in 16.0.. But I guess that in the new version, it doesn't support this kind of comment (perhaps its using a new XML engine)...

Saying that, I have looked at the guide again and it says to use <!-- as a comment.. So perhaps I am wrong and the notes I took at the time are incorrect.

I am sure I used ! to comment before.. But I could be wrong.. Either way, I just delete the 2 old lines and replaced them with the new one and I have "remaining time" back.. So I think I am going to stick with Confluence as I quite like it.
Instead of

<!-- <label>-$INFO[Player.TimeRemaining(hh:mmConfuseds)]</label>-->

Note the bit at the end.
If you use notepad++ a commented-out line turns green, which is useful when you know as little as me.
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