BUG - Party Mode is automatically initiated when trying to play a single song

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JacobMuhunget Offline
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So, I installed OSMC today and everything is working out fine except this one thing: In the app, when I select a single song (e.g. over the search function) and press "Play", OSMC will display "mixing drinks" or something and then play ten completely random titles, not the one title I requested.

This suspiciously sounds like the party mode, and indeed, it _is_ the party mode that is being activated when I try to play a single song.

Is there any way to prevent this from happening? Either deactivating the party mode as a whole or just changing some settings so that the party mode isn't being activated whenever I select a song.

Something that might be related to the issue, when I try to add any title to the current playlist, an error message will occur saying "invalid params".

Is this a bug or is there anything else you need to know from my system etc?
Thanks in advance.

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syncd Offline
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Hi, yes, this is a know bug that should be fixed in the next version.
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crrogue Offline
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(2017-03-01 20:43)syncd Wrote:  Hi, yes, this is a know bug that should be fixed in the next version.

Today I installed and set up OSMC 2017.04-1 on my raspberry pi 3 B, and when i was testing everything, the only problem i found was this one. Is there any solution? Or will it be fixed with another update?

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