[Feature Request] [SOLVED] Add Support for Skin.Helper.Backgrounds
Hi Gade,
since the last Release of the Skinhelper there are no generated Backgrounds anymore.
i figured out marcelveldt pushed an new Addon for this Smile
Can you maybe support it? (maybe i'm just wrong how to use it Big Grin)
Hi skybird.

I added support for it in last development version - 10.4.4 / 11.0.4, so you should already have it.

The latest development version from yesterday evening (10.4.5 / 11.0.5) also includes the new support for script.skin.helper 1.1.3

The backgrounds and widgets are auto updated to use the new add-ons, so no user action is required.

You can look in Skin Settings - Supported Add-ons to see if they are installed.
hm, yes they are installed, but there isn't any generated background in the addon_data folder like before... maybe i'm just dumb and blind Big Grin

Also there is no background generated for the TV/pvr.
i figured now out that you only have fanarts for pvr now for Recordings Smile so if you have an futurama recording you only have futurama as fanart for the category.
Music Fanarts aren't loaded properly, too.
Wallpaper Function fix:
skin.rapier\720p\startup.xml add a new line:
<onload condition="System.HasAddon(script.skin.helper.backgrounds)">Skin.SetBool(SkinHelper.EnableWallBackgrounds)</onload>

so there is left: No Fanart generation on PVR. (or better: i only have one. this one from my first recording)
rrweb have following problem:
he can choose fanarts for movies, that works.
if he choose fanarts for video section there is no fanart.
but that works for me.
i think there is something went wrong with the new skin helper Smile
Everything is working perfectly on all my machines using the latest version of Rapier, script.skin.helper.service 1.1.3 and script.skin.helper.backgrounds 1.0.21.

There's a setting in script.skin.helper.backgrounds about random PVR backgrounds. Maybe that can help you.

Everything's implemented correctly in the skin.
<onload condition="System.HasAddon(script.skin.helper.backgrounds)">Skin.SetBool(SkinHelper.EnableWallBackgrounds)</onload>
is for wall backgrounds - which is not used in Rapier.

If you have any add-on issues or add-on related questions, please ask in the appropiate add-on threads.

If there are any skin issues, I'm here. Wink
ah, ok - maybe you can add the option for the wallpapers, too.
since it will be only generated if you set the bool to true. (and this only once).

i reset today my whole installation and all what is left is not generated pvr fanarts and some missing music artist fanarts.
i deleted the whole kodi userdata folder so all addons where loaded anc configured new - i don't think thats normal.
but ok i will bug the skin helper dev now :o)
(2017-03-05, 23:47)skybird1980 Wrote: ah, ok - maybe you can add the option for the wallpapers, too.
since it will be only generated if you set the bool to true. (and this only once).

It's not that simple, as the backgrounds also requires a lot of coding and support.

And since it's a pretty resource demanding feature, it's not likely to get included in this skin anytime soon.
Hi Gade,
could you please show me the steps to add skin helper backgrounds support to a generic skin?
Hi patria o muerte.

All is described here: https://github.com/marcelveldt/script.sk...ackgrounds

You can search for the strings in Rapier's xml files.
Also search for SkinHelper.RandomFanartDelay.

Use this format:

Wall backgrounds are not used in Rapier.
If you won't be using that feature, you can skip everything from "Wall Backgrounds provided by the script" and below.
Thank you, it's a little complicated butt i will try.
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