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Crazy Krypton Configuration of tvheadend client
I couldn't leave well enough alone and decided to wipe my odroid c2 (android os), do a clean install, and to install Kodi 17 instead of my previous 16.1.

I added the TVheadend client and configured it; however, each time I go to the main screen and scroll over TV I get a message that I have not yet configured it! I click on the browse to configure option and see that it is, in fact, configured and enabled. I also see that the client is in the my addons folder.

What am I missing (obvious--cannot see the forrest through the tress) with this new Krypton configuration?

Maybe a stupid question have you installed and configured both tvheadend program and tvheadend pvr addon in kodi ?
TVheadend is running on my ubuntu 16.04 computer/HTPC and the other Odroid C2, which is still running Kodi 16, works well.

I discovered that by exiting Kodi and restarting it, Kodi 17 now works....more or less. I get the guide loaded; however, I cannot switch to/view a channel and previously recorded shows play only for a few seconds then stop.

It's a frustrating work in progess this jumping to a latest version.

Crazy Krypton Configuration of tvheadend client00