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I don't know if this is Kodi or PVR Client related but in Krypton it takes much longer before the DVBlogic PVR client is started and filled with epg data.

Why does this epg data has to be imported everytime Kodi starts up. Can't this be saved somewhere and just be updated on interval time set in the live-tv settings? The epg data is always empty when Kodi starts and will be filled after loading the epg data.
DVBLink is indeed much slower than other backends when it comes to refreshing EPG data on a Kodi client. It was improved upon a few months ago but it's still nowhere near as quick as for example, DVBViewer. It's a general Kodi behaviour thing though the way that EPG data seems to want a complete refresh most times you start it, even though you may have 6-7 days of data already synced from the last time.

Depending on the skin you use, this can have various levels of obtrusiveness. In my case (Aeon Nox) it's very obtrusive because the EPG update progress bar is very large and not tucked away in a corner or at the top, it's part way down the screen and therefore obstructs your view for about 30-40 seconds while it updates.
In Jarvis it was not real fast but it was okay. In Krypton it is really slow. No idea if this is caused by Krypton or the addon itself. Hope this will be improved.

Is there a shortcut to start the pvr client myself before Kodi does it?
This is the addon itself rather than Kodi, I used to use DVBLink and it took roughly the same time... what version of DVBServer are you using? 6.0 is a lot quicker than 5.0.

There's not a lot you can do to be honest, obviously the less data you have the quicker it will be, I reduced my EPG data to around 3 days which made it load faster... I've moved to TVhead now and as a comparison it takes seconds...
FWIW, not done any timings, but I don't see a difference between v16 an v17. Using DVBLink v6.

I believe some tweaking was done in v6 so guide data loads faster.
Havent bother to upgrade yet so i cant test.
Yes, v6 is quicker than v5 was but it's still slower than other backends/addons.
I have been trying out other backends (npvr, thv) and indeed these are much, much faster.
Not just slightly, really surprised its that much of a difference.

Support on dvblink has dropped massively in my opinion, so its time to explore further
I got the same issue as described after upgrading from 16.1 to 17.1.
But it´s not only the very slow EPG-Import (The needed time increases to about a twentifold)! Channel switching is very slow, too!

But I could watch this behavior only on two Windows - systems (both Windows 10 64Bit). On an Ubuntu 16.4 based System, everything ist fine...
The Backend is DVBLink 6.0.
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