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I'm not sure if this is the right spot to post this but.

For music videos I want to be able to manually add a thumb of each artist in the music video section. Is there a way to name the file so it uses this instead of whatever it picks up? I don't want to have to go int each artist and manually add the image.

Huh, you contradicted your own post....

"For music videos I want to be able to manually add a thumb of each artist in the music video section."
"I don't want to have to go int each artist and manually add the image."

However, to add an artist image to each Music Video, you have to have your Artists in separate folders, and then yes, you need to copy the images you want into each Artist folder.

Name the file folder.jpg (don't use other image types (.BMP, .Jpeg, .Png), as these tend to cause issues).
Thanks but that doesn't work I used jpg files in each of the artist folders and named them folder.jpg and it still show a generic image for artists.

I want it to pick up the thumb automatically not have to go into each artist and add them.

remove Texturecache.db so that thumbs are newly generated
Or you can just update and then clean your library and see if the correct images show up.
I did update and clean library.
Deleted the Textures13.db and the thumbnail folder.
neither worked

How do I remove Texturecache.db?
also I'm using v17.1 “Krypton” latest version

If neither of those worked, you can just remove you Music Video source, and refresh and clean library, then re-add you Music Videos. It will then pull the artwork you have in each Artist folder.
that doesn't work either. still shows the generic jpg "man with headphones" on most of the artists picture

I just use media companion v works good for posters and fanart and nfo for music videos.

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I don't think music videos have "artist thumbs". The individual movievideo has a thumb (default is a framegrab from the vid file) a poster and a fanart. You could use an artist image as the poster, either named musicvideofilename-poster.jpg (or png) or folder.jpg in the same folder as the musicvideo.

But in the musicvideo "artist" view node, the artist thumb comes from whatever is assigned (if any) in the music library (so you need to also have the artist scanned in there).

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I have the artist in the music section and it works there but the same artist in the video section doesn't.

Here's what it looks like

Ok, so please read my post here...

And although it was posted for XBMC and the ACE skin, it still applies today, for Kodi and really any Skin.


1. Create .nfo files for each of your Music Videos. This is important, and requires the next change.
2. When you originally scanned your Music Videos, Don't select Online scraping, choose Local Files only.

You can read some more info regarding Music Videos from here...

So when you think all this is too much and time consuming, I initially had 5000+ Music Videos (since paired down to 3500+, most are now HD quailiy), and I had to create .NFO, Posters, Fanart, etc for each Music Video. Worth it in the end for me, as now the Music Video section looks like my Movies and TV Series sections.
Powerhouse does all the artists show up?
I have no problems with fanart and thumbs for each video.
The only problem is that only some of the artists show pictures.

I use nfo files and It still doesn't show is there somewhere in the file I can put the link to the picture? ex <artist tmb>artist.jpg</artist tnmb>?

Yes, all my Artists pictures (posters) show up, as well as Fanart, and Album artwork. At one point, I had the Artists Posters listed as both poster.jpg, but I believe have since changed them to folder.jpg (I actually have both, as I didn't want to have any issues just in case).
Do the certain Artists that aren't showing pictures have any special characters in their name? You know, AC/DC, or Beyoncé.

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