Cannot add custom menu entry's
Can someone tell me when this problem is fixed? I cannot use Kodi now.
I have downloaded a couple of skins but none of them works. I cannot add new menu items. Not in 16.1 nor V17
I can edit most of the default entry's but in the future if I want another this can not be done.
The "add" button acts like a noop button.
What menu? What skin? What 'add' button?
Why is there no sign of someone working on this problem?
Seems its regarding all skins, what i actually mean is when you download a skin (doesn't matter which one) and try to add a custom home menu item the button "add" does not work.
A lot of other users have this problem and why no one has a answer for this. I cannot use kodi for more than a month now.
Please kodi developers give me something at least a comment from a real kodi developer and explain why this suddenly happend and when this will be fixed.
Well with the default skin there is no 'add a custom home menu item' option so we need to know what skin you're trying this with?
For example, Phenomenal & Titan are builds which I prefer and was using it for a long time before this problem.
In the Titan and Phenomenal skins threads I made another topic which is the same as this one and a lot of other users have replied with the same issue.
Are they actually other users or just one user posting with multiple accounts...

Either way, I use Mimic with no such problems so maybe you and these 'other' users should try that skin.
Not sure if users will go that far, but sure I will give that a try if this works I'll feel sorry for phenomenal and titan builders Sad
i was just checking out the titan skin a few days ago. i had no problem adding menus, submenus, or widgets.

Edit: decided to give phenomenal a try, after about 10 mins of browsing the interface. The + and add item buttons quit working. Very odd i must say, titan worked for me the other day and eminence 2.0 still works.
I can confirm that Mimic works! I'm sorry Phenomenal and Titan, I do believe you guys have the best skin for kodi but this is very disappointed, I'm stepping over to Mimic now.
(2017-03-14, 17:27)RMKBuilds Wrote: Why is there no sign of someone working on this problem?
Has anyone submitted a debug log?
So this is an issue is with specific skins and not all skins in general.
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