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(suggestion) info "i" possible on widgets
Hi there, i suggest to be able to hit "i" on movies or tv shows from widgets
So that we could choose from there to watch trailer or more.

Widgets are great, but i like to be able to watch the trailer too
And see if movie is to my taste Wink

Overall it would be really awesome feature to have!

You already can do it on this skin. If you hit "i" on the widgets the info page is shown
Hi and thanks for answering.

Not working on my krypton setup here.

The movie widget is populated by a video addon

and i use the vertical menu.

Pressing "i" on movies from widget does not bring up the info screen...

Im using default skin no mods here.

oh I see, you are trying with video addons. I tested it now and you are right, for video addons it doesn't work but for widgets that get content from your video library it works. On skinhelper widgets, will work too
Is there a possible fix for that?
Don't know if there is anything to fix. I believe that it's the behavior that is supposed to have. Do you use any other skin that shows the info when using content (tvshows or movies) from an video add-on? I tried nox now and it doesn't work either
Ok well i guess thats the way it is...

However i noticed a bug in stock artic zéphyr.

My Addons never auto update.

More info here on issue if you wanna check Wink

All the video addons that provide content I tested worked for me.

What addon is it? I'm assuming its a banned addon as you haven't mentioned the name of the addon.
As a user suggested, i set my video selector from "play" to " show info"
In the settings.

However, when inside the addon, and press enter on a movie, yes,
The info "i" screen appears...

But again, not on widgets... A list of links appear like before...
Could it be a bug?

And anyway to force the "i" screen to appear when selecting a movie
From widgets?

Its a really important feature as im always watching trailers
when i dont know the movie or if i'll like it...
But since i cant on widgets, i dont use the widgets and
Basically go in the addon which kinda defeats the idea
of having widgets :/

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