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Rename sometimes fail
I use tMM on Windows 10. When I start tMM by commandline and the option -update -scrapeUnscraped -rename -checkFiles tMM do almost the job fine. When the mediafile is used by another process, tMM does not rename this file (that´s OK). But when the mediafile isn´t used by another process anymore, then I had expected, that tMM renames the file. Unfortunalety tMM doesn´t. Is there an (undocumented) option to check alle files?

Second question: what is the difference between the options "-rename" and "-renameNew" (by the way: I tried both variants).

Thank you for your help
tmm (an java beneath) can only use the file system access you operating system provides (Windows 10).
If Windows 10 tells us we cannot rename because another process is using it - we can't to anything.. (even if you obviously do not have active access to the file any more)

-rename is the old version for -renameNew Wink
they do both the same
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OK, I hoped that tMM remember this (no rename becaus another process using a file) when calling tMM via commandline with parameter -rename at the next time.

When Mediaportal records an episode (e.g. 4 to 5 o´clock) and tMM is startet (e.g. 4:30) by commandline during recording, tMM scraped all data but can´t rename the file because MP using it. At the next time (e.g. 5:30) tMM remember the file and try to rename it. This Feature would help very much.
Tell me *one* application, which is able to do this. Just one.

This is such a corner case for basically no benefit - won't happen.
Just try to rename again and again, or schedule this process better on your side...
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Indeed this is a rare situation. I like to automate such things.

Maybe my workaround is for other users helpfull:
In tMM I changed the settings for renaming files for series: I habe deleted all entries in the fields "Series-Name" and "Episode-Filename" - that´s all. Then tMM won´t change the filenames and my problem (no rename becaus another process using a file) can´t occur and MediaPortal 2 has no "problems" in his file handling.

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