[WIP] Quartz 5 (Krypton support)
(2018-01-01, 18:19)TPX001 Wrote: Hi guys! Happy new year! As you've probably seen.. there's not much activity atm. I had a troubled year behind me.. Smile I've been through all the "old" code and I came to the conclusion that the skin is VERY hard to maintain. For those activily developing on this skin: 'What's your perception?'

My personal opinion about the skin so far..

  • Lightweight (good for a RPi)
  • Easy to understand
  • Customizable (although limited)
  • Minimal design
  • No touch or mouse support (in a proper way)
  • A lot of functionality/skinning has to be revised and updated
  • Removed functionality (there's no Live TV anymore or menu for game controllers)
  • Numerous smaller (and bigger) bugs that need to be solved
Seen the fact that there's so much "dead" code and the skin not being well maintained for a couple of kodi versions I've decided to kick-off from a blank canvas (using the default 17.6 skin). In the upcoming weeks I hope to make some nice progress in the way you can navigate. I would like to state that my goal is to offer a similar experience with the new skin but in a more streamlined way!

You can find my repo here: https://github.com/TPX01/skin.quartzmeetsestuary

Let me know what you think..   
 Hey TPX001, glad to see you're still up and at it. Welp as you have probably gleaned from the Jarvis thread I have pretty much gotten PVR up and running in quartz, have implemented now playing and am currently consolidating video and audio (music) so they are one and the same. I as you was very confused by the existing code and all of the dead ends due to various maintainers taking a stab at it over several revisons as you pointed out. Still a lot of code form Quartz 4 going back as far as Frodo that I can see.

In my case, I took a different tact as I looked to pecinkos newer skin Amber (for functionality not style and design) and what do you know, many things looked familiar including function names etc (heck even down to the icons used in the osd's). So I have "borrowed" some code etc from amber especially for pvr which as you know is completely nonexistent in current Quartz 5.

Today I am hoping to slay the dragon that is the main home menu and adding another (live tv) entry to the main menu bar. That main menu bar is a bit of a black box to me (and somewhere that Amber is much simpler than Quartz) but should be doable (I don't know how much you know about that).

Anyway, I agree with all of you're assessments of current Quartz. Since I am as far as I am on the Jarvis version of Quartz (again due to the 4 + atv's I have running Soli's atv build "Kinos"), I hope to get that a bit more complete for jarvis and then see if I can get it to run on >= Krypton (in this process I am also trying to be congnizant of ridding any <= Jarvis code so it's krypton compatible). If so I'll put it on a git fork if thats ok as I don't want to mess up you're existing Quartz repo.

Would it be correct to say that any new development you're going to be doing will be on the new quartzmeetsestuary repo and that more or less the current Quartz repo is frozen? I'll check out your new version on a Krypton box I do have running here which should be cool.

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