[WIP] Quartz 5 (Krypton support)
(2018-03-12, 18:38)dynaflash Wrote: The background dimness keyboard doesn't work with a remote that I can tell. at least not on my atv. But cool control. 

Odd. Works with my TV remote's directional controls. Navigation of the numeric keyboard is a bit janky but that's the original author's code. Thought about revising but opacity is a set it once and forget it option so I never bothered.
(2018-03-12, 18:38)dynaflash Wrote: yeah the mediainfo 2 animation is cool.

Never understood why Pecinko nurfed that view. It's why I became enamored with Quartz in the 1st place.
(2018-03-12, 18:38)dynaflash Wrote: One other thing. on mine the Movies scroll has the popup letter deal which is awesome for fast scrolling a big library, Music > Artists is the old scroll w/no letter to tell you where you are. I was gonna make the other scrolls same as movies. For large libraries it's the best I've seen to get to the right listing quick. Oh, I see on yours artists doesn't have scroll even though its enabled. THoughts?

I forked the version with the nebulous scroll bars and then reverted back to badge scrolling for videos. Didn't touch anything to do with music. I have Sonos for that :p

Keep poking around.  You're writing my changelog for me.  LoL

It occurs to me that I have inadvertently hijacked this thread.  Apologies to the OP.   Please PM me if you have further questions...

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